Nirmal Toys

Nirmal wooden toys and Nirmal Paintings are famous all over the world. From the rustic ethos to the royal environment, from flora to fauna, an explicit array of expressions is portrayed in myriad colours and forms on Nirmal Toys. Nirmal is a town, mandal headquarters and a municipality in Adilabad district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The tradition in Nirmal of creating wooden toys goes back 400 years. The Nirmal Toy artists are carved from local softwood and painted with Duco paints. Due to use of the duco colours, the Nirmal paintings acquire a typical shine. The Nirmal toys are also painted in enamel colours giving them the sheen they are known for. Ganjifa playing cards are also traditionally made in Nirmal, but as of February 2011, only one elderly artisan was still making them.